The Gary Owens Story - From Rock Star to Targeted Individual - Read The Truth Below...

Masons from the NCA, MI5, MI6 & British Drug Mafia are Gang Stalking me! Political Prisoner, Falsely Imprisoned!

The Gary Owens Story Book Page 1 - Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K, Mind Control

Criminal Free Masons opperating inside NCA, MI5, MI6 and the police stole my business worth billions of pounds. They have been Gang Stalking me for over 20 years perverting the course of justice. They run the British Drug Mafia and Organised Crime from Masons lodges. All the top British Drug Mafia bosses are Masons, they destroy peoples lives, handing over information to MI6 through the Masons to get their members arrested, its all a control mechanism to make money!